Organo Gold (OG) has inaugurated their new International Headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada with not one but two special blessing ceremonies. One special blessing was a traditional Chinese Feng Shui blessing and the other was a traditional Christian blessing ceremony. Of course, blessings of new homes and businesses is an ancient tradition in cultures and faiths around the world.

The ceremonies took place on June 30, 2014 as OG opened their new international headquarters facility.  OG, the pioneer and leader in the ‘coffee’ niche of MLM, is excited about their continued growth in the Americas and elsewhere and looks forward to the impact this new ultramodern facility will have on their operations and the success of their global network of dealers all over the world.

Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ in Chinese and has been practiced in China for over 3000 years. In more recent times it has been adopted, adapted and practiced by many westerners too. The basic aim of Feng Shui is to clear the energy, known as “chi”, of any particular space, business or home thereby making it more harmonious for those who live or work there.

Chinese believe that the world is connected by a network of energy and that the proper balance of the various types of energy are what gives a home or business space its atmosphere…. harmonious or non-harmonious. Their Feng Shui masters are considered to be those who understand how we can best interact with and manipulate that energy in order to be happier, healthier, more successful, etc.

There are various types of Feng Shui ceremonies and one of its ‘blessing’ ceremonies was conducted by a genuine Feng Shui master before the company commenced official operations in their new headquarters. OG has been very successful already but it never hurts to get all the ‘essential elements’ of the world’s energy on your side. In the case of Feng Shui, those elements are considered to be water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 

Certainly the core OG product, coffee, is deeply rooted in nature and traditional Chinese culture because one of the unique ingredients in it is the Ganoderma mushroom which has such high esteem in traditional Chinese holistic medicine. A Feng Shui blessing is believed to bring better relationships, health, and wealth. If Beijing, China could be used as an example, it’s worthwhile to note that Beijing’s Forbidden City is laid out by Feng Shui principles.

Christian homes and businesses too are often blessed by priests and pastors and a Christian minister also gave a blessing of the new OG facility too. So… OG basically covered all their spiritual ‘bases’ here. 

Several company dignitaries were present, including OG CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua and also three of OG’s most successful European field leaders, Zarko Drozdek, Markus Haselrieder and Georg Doeller.   
New home and business openings and blessings are always memorable events and this event certainly was.  We here at OBTAINER wish OG, all their headquarters employees, and all their worldwide family of distributors much continued success and… Blessings. - See more at:

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